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Telling stories

From New York and London, around Europe and in Israel, I’ve written about news events ranging from the serious to the whimsical.

I’ve reported extensively on Brexit, immigration and politics in Europe for NBC News in London. And thanks to my own personal fascination with the royals, I’ve had the opportunity to write about their many family celebrations, including Prince Harry’s engagement, Kate and Wills’ wedding and a few royal babies too.

I got my first job offer the day before 9/11 in New York. My first few years as a reporter were shaped by New York’s own recovery, the War on Terror and the Iraq War. After moving to Europe, I was lucky enough to cover the Olympic Games in Athens. A few years later I reported again on life at the Games from Torino.

More recently, I’ve focused on lifestyle stories, business profiles and business trend pieces. I’ve interviewed authors, written about the pressures on working moms (or mums for the Brits!) and looked at how businesses can grow. I have a particular interest in women’s issues, entrepreneurship and immigrants.


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